Timeless Home Decor Ideas


In the world of interior design, the trends are always changing. But some styles and decors bear the title – timeless. Today we present classic designs that are always in style.

1. Good lighting

The simplest trick for a nice and warm look of your home is good lighting. Choose whatever lighting that will equally light up every part of the room. Also, choose lighting with a classic look which fits the aesthetics of your interior.

Design 1
2. Art

This is one of those design strategies that do not necessarily cost a lot. Whether you frame a poster, place a picture or sculpture that you have found in some antique store, it is important that this piece can exactly represent you.


3. “Real” materials

Materials such as real wood or ceramic tiles, have a long lifetime if you properly maintain them. Given that they are always trendy, they are very cost effective. The same applies to materials such as copper or marble. When the time comes to choose materials for your home and you want something that will last long, then pay attention to those materials who historically endured the most.


4. Black and White

The unique combination of colors which is eternal is definitely the fusion of black and white. The high contrast of these colors gives every room a dose of elegance, no matter what style you prefer.


5. Quiet bedroom

The trend in designing the bedrooms which will remain for a long time at the scene is using mild colors. So bright tones of blue or gray can create a calming environment that is the most important point when it comes to bedrooms.


6. Vintage items

The objects that are popular for more than 50 years, there is very little chance that they will ever go out of fashion. So, leather armchairs or Persian rugs are a great choice if you want to combine the modern with something classical.


7. White kitchen

With walls in neutral colors, dark floors and white kitchen you will never be wrong. Keep in mind these points while designing the space of your own taste and style.


8. Built-in shelves

Shelves that are embedded in the wall and are filled with books and personal objects give a refined look of a home library. They also save huge space.


9. Stripes

Whether they are horizontal or vertical, stripes are the classic detail that for centuries are adorn by many interior designers. This is one of the graphic motifs that will always be popular by its simplicity.


10. Wall with photos or paintings

On one wall you can have your own gallery. Select photos that have personal meaning for you. If you want to achieve an eclectic style, then opt for different models and colors of the frames, and if you prefer more traditional style, then choose frames that are compatible.


11. Fluffy rug

The popularity of rugs with their styles and designs is always changing but fluffy rugs on hard surfaces are always trendy. Apart from being soft, comfortable for walking and pleasing to the eye, this rug serves for setting border inside the room.


12. Impressive front door

The detail of your house that will always attract attention is for sure front door in color. Choose a bold color such as red and paint your door. This is a great way great to spice up the look of your house.