The Formula For The Perfect Night’s Sleep And Easy Morning Wake-up

Sleep - Wake Up

For many people, getting out of bed in the morning often entails performing like a certain ritual. Some people wake up, then tell themselves they can sleep for “just five more minutes“ and put their head back on the pillow. Others just reset their alarm clock for later. But there are those who wake-up instantly without any problem.

Sleep - Coffee

Fitness coach Craig Ballantine is the author of the formula “10-3-2-1-0”, on which everyone can have enough sleep and can get up in the morning without any trouble. Craig believes that the ideal night’s sleep begins during the day, that is, you need to get ready for it some time before you turn out the light. So, here is the formula:

10 hours before sleep

This is how much time you need for your bloodstream to be clean from the stimulants that contain caffeine. So no coffee, green or black tea, energy drinks, Coca Cola or chocolate from this point on, at all!

3 hours before sleep

Do not eat or consume alcohol if you have only three hours left before bed. Your body uses up a enormous amount of energy getting rid of all the bad stuff in alcohol and digesting a late meal. Although at that time we rest at most, our body is working at full capacity. If you eat late at night, you will wake up feeling tired.

2 hours before sleep

From that moment, don’t work and don’t think about work. Leave it for tomorrow.

1 hour before sleep

From this point on, no staring at TV, doing some work on your computer, or using your smartphone. No matter how much Facebook, Twitter, or your email are tempting you, don’t do it. Let your eyes and your mind rest.

0 minutes until your alarm

Buzzz! Turn off your alarm clock and get out of the bed immediately. Do not stand for 5 minutes, and don’t get caught in the trap of putting it on sleep mode again and again. Falling back in bed won’t make you feel any less tired when you inevitably have to get moving.