Science Has Confirmed: These Are The Best Colors For Each Room In Your Home


I’m sure you’ve read many times before that colors can greatly affect your life, your feelings and even your behavior. If you take this into account, then you should definitely think about the colors around you and make sure you choose the best colors to avoid bad mood, and even decrease your appetite. Find out which color is perfect for every room, judging by the scientific conclusions.

1 Bedroom

Try “dirty” blue. Blue is usually associated with peace, rest and relaxation, probably because the sea and the sky are blue, and when looking at them, it is impossible to be in a bad mood. Judging by psychologists, you will have a better quality of sleep if you have blue bedroom. Do not choose too strong tint, because the room will certainly be lit, but not too dark, because you cannot lighten it. Avoid purple color; because even it is close to blue, it badly affects your sleep.

colors 2

2. Study

For this room, the best color is green because it encourages creativity. This is because the green color is associated with nature and helps to clear your thoughts. Of course, do not exaggerate with the hue and volume. Avoid red because believe it or not, it reduces your analytic capability.

colors 3

3. Kitchen

Red and orange stimulate your appetite, so avoid these colors if you don’t want to gain weight. Blue, for example, is quite good, because it has the opposite effect. However, the kitchen should be in a stronger hue to raise your energy, especially in the morning during breakfast. Just try to avoid cobalt blue.

colors 4

4. Bathroom

The white color reminds of purity, but is somehow “cold”. Therefore, for the bathroom your best choice is pale pink, because it has better influence on you. This color is warmer and it makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, fresh and relaxed. Avoid neon colors, because they are too strenuous.

colors 5

5. Living Room

If you want cozy, positive energy in your living room, where you spend most of the time, the best choice would be warm sandy shades. On the other hand, too dark colors will not affect you well, so focus on those lighter, gentler tones.

colors 6