Most Common Mistakes In Business Clothes


The external appearance is very important for your career and if you think that nobody evaluates what you are wearing while you are at work, you are wrong.

Dress code varies from company to company. If you are part of a serious institution, which is constantly in contact with customers, then you will need to abide strictly defined rules for formal dressing. If however you are employed in a small company likely your style can be casual, but that does not mean there are no rules to be respected, and some pieces should be avoided.
The external appearance says a lot about your commitment to the work.

Here are the most common mistakes women make while choosing their business clothes:

clothes 1
• Deep cleavage

Most experts agree that the disclosure of the neckline is the most common mistake women make when it comes to choosing clothes for work. Many women do it unconsciously; however, the impression left is equally bad.

• Short / miniskirts

For women there is a rule: the more skin you show, the less impact you have. It is thought that women who wear short skirts are trying to compensate for the lack of skills in other areas and are taken less seriously.

• Too tight or too baggy clothes

If you wear clothes that are too tight, you risk showing more than you want. On the other hand, baggy clothes make you look messy and too leisurely.

• Transparent clothing

White shirt is a classic piece of clothing and is an indispensable part of business attire. But you must be careful with your choice. Often the materials from which shirts are made are too transparent. But the possibility for your colleagues to see your underwear is unacceptable if you want to act professionally.

• Too many accessories

Fashion accessories are the most effective way to bring style and individuality in appearance in which you will be recognized. But if you overdo, you risk your style to be remembered in a negative way.

• Trendy torn jeans and shirts with interesting inscriptions

Save this combination for a night in town. Even on Friday, when often more casual clothes are permitted, it is unacceptable to show up to work in torn jeans and a T-shirt with a playful joke.

• You should always have a clean and ironed clothes

It is unacceptable to show up at work with a stain or with wrinkled shirt, just because you were in a hurry. Serious people plan everything ahead of time.

• Do not use strong perfume

All people prefer different perfumes. The strong smell of perfume can be unpleasant and even repulsive. Therefore, use light perfumes and don’t overdo it.

• Choose appropriate footwear

Business attire does not allow sneakers and flip-flops. Also, heels that are too high should be avoided. In the hot summer days, wear sandals, but as closed as possible, especially in the toes.

Clothes are part of your professional image and they say a lot about your ambitions and your effort to achieve them.