Monday – You Need To Love It!


Sunday is a beautiful day. You can allow yourself to sleep in, enjoy the family reunions and let yourself be a bit lazy. But, when the evening comes, you must think for the working day ahead and you need to set your alarm. Why you must always see Monday as a negative day? On the contrary, there are several reasons that will show you why you need to fell in love with this day.

Monday - Sunrise1. Monday marks a new beginning

Leave the things that you regret in the past week. You spent a lot of money for the weekend? You ate a big piece of cake on the party even though you’re on a diet? Say goodbye to these regrets! Monday is the start of a new week, so use it to your advantage.

2. Great opportunity to find your motivation again

Get up, get going and do the things that motivate you to make this week wonderful!

3. This is a great moment to set new goals

You have been waiting to try something new? Or to break a bad habit? Monday is the perfect day to start accomplishing your goals!

4. You have the whole week to accomplish what you targeted

Don’t allow your chores to bring you down. You have five wonderful days to finish them, no matter if those are paying your bills, cleaning your home, or bathing your dog.

5. Great opportunity to start exercising

One of the best things that you can do for yourself in the beginning of the new week is to be active. Provide exercise to your body and you will see the amazing things it can do for you!

6. Coffee is much tastier on Monday mornings

On Monday mornings, coffee has special taste and special powers!

Monday - Coffee

7. You watch re-runs of your favorite shows

The weekend program on TV is different, so Monday offers you watching re-run of your favorite TV shows and movies.

8. Great day to start planning your activities for the next weekend

If you didn’t fulfill the plans the last weekend, start planning for the next one!

9. The idea of hating Monday is just an illusion

Monday is just another day. Why live your life hating one seventh of your life? Change your attitude!

10. This is a wonderful day to be yourself

Be happy and thankful that you are alive on such a beautiful day!