Ignorance Is The Best Revenge – How Intelligent People Exceeds The Rumor

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There is an old adage that says “If people want to defeat you, it means that you are above them”. Nowadays, when everyone is obsessed with success, fame and power – morality and justice are disappearing. Fair play turns into an abstract noun, and stomping through everything to achieve the goal becomes necessary. Vanity is part of every working day, and envy and jealousy can be seen from miles away. Injustice passes with impunity and good people do not know what to do and how to behave.

When on honest way, with work and effort will fix all those ambitious and unscrupulous beings, they will become thirsty for revenge. People will try through various intrigues and gossip to tear you down on their level and will constantly attack with ambiguous words. If this happen, you need to know only one thing – ignorance is the best revenge. Intelligent people use revenge as a weapon for their own progress, but it has nothing to do with the lives of other people and their intrigues.

It's enough - IgnoranceThey are taking revenge in the following ways:

1. They speak through their work and actions

Do not let emotions to manage your actions and don’t turn revenge into personal matter. It will only make you feel worse later. So, do what you know best, no gossip, intrigue and unnecessary conversations with those who don’t deserve your attention.

2. Don’t strike back immediately

To avoid the label which states “Attack is the best form of defense”, do some standby mode for a while. Moreover, when you’re annoyed or angered, thus will reveal your weaknesses and will feed the needs of the other person.

3. They don’t remain silent just to prevent “fire in the house”

Intelligent people don’t show mercy to those who manipulate and make intrigues. Rather, wise men tell the manipulators that know what they are. They prove that they are not blind and can not repeat the same mistake without consequences.

4. They don’t isolate

Most people when experience attack, especially from a close friend, usually put themselves into isolation. Remember this “Evil people never believe they’re evil, but rather that everyone else is evil.” so you can understand that all they want is to blame you even when they’re guilty. Stay calm and don’t listen to them, instead of going to the “isolation zone”.

5. They become more successful

For an evil man there is nothing more painful than others happiness. That’s another reason why smart people become more successful when someone tried to pull them to the bottom. The worst you can do is to return with the same extent. In that case, you would never be better than those who make evil things and spread rumors. Remember, evil can not be destroyed by evil!