Ideas For Quick And Healthy Breakfast


We all love to lay in bed longer in the mornings, but that often leaves us with no time to enjoy the breakfast.

If you want your day to be better, always start it with a full stomach. We believe that you are always in a hurry, but breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. So we give you couple of advices for quick, simple and healthy meals for quality start of your day.

  1. Eggs – favorite food, always and for everyone

One egg is enough for every morning your body to be full of strength. Nutritionists agree that eggs are one of the most useful groceries. They can be prepared in countless ways, and the simplest of them all is the 3-minutes boiling. If you like to prepare the perfect soft-boiled eggs, you need to make a small hole in the egg shell before you start boiling it. The extra air will come out, and that will prevent the egg from breaking.

Breakfast 1

  1. Cereals – foundations of every good diet

Your day can start with cereals. It is most important you choose ones that are rich in fibers and proteins instead of sugar. One of the healthiest cereals is the wheat bran flakes. They are packed with dietary fiber, and often are fortified with numerous essential vitamins and minerals. You can prepare bran flakes meal by adding yogurt or hot milk. If you don’t like the taste, feel free to add some dark chocolate. Your quick breakfast will be even healthier, because dark chocolate improves the blood flow and reduces cholesterol.

Breakfast 2

  1. Bananas – healthy and creative complement to breakfast

Yellow fruit is the best source of resistant starch. They are healthy carbohydrates that that will keep you full for longer period of time. For the ideal simple breakfast, make banana frappe. It is enough to peel the bananas and put them in a blender with milk and sugar. Bananas contain potassium, which helps lowering blood pressure, and  helps individuals suffering from hypertension. You can add bananas to cereals, which will enrich them and make them tastier.

Breakfast 3