How To Motivate Your Child – Tips For Your Unmotivated Children In Sports

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It is very difficult to grow physically active child in the age of computers, when most of the time children play computer games or socialize on social networks. If your child loves sports, but only when it follows on the TV screen, or if hates gym class, it is time to take action.

The fact is that children who play sports get many benefits of physical activity. Therefore, you should not find excuses for the inaction of your child. Do not use excuses like “My daughter has too much schoolwork and has no time for sports,” or “My son has no problems with his weight, so if he doesn’t have the desire for sport, we shouldn’t force him.”┬áBy motivating your child to play sports, you are doing the favor for which he will be thankful for life.

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Why is it important for your child to play sports?

The benefits of exercise are numerous. Research shows that children who play sports are stronger and healthier than children who are not regularly involved in physical activities. Here are just a few of the many benefits of regular physical activity:

– healthy physical development;
– reduced risk of overweight;
– strong bones and muscles;
– improving balance, coordination and flexibility;
– improved concentration;
– reduced stress;
– reduced risk of depression and anxiety;
– greater confidence and self-esteem;
– an opportunity to meet new friends;
– sense of belonging to a specific group.

In the following 9 tips that we present to you, you will find crucial ways to motivate your child to play sports:

1. Choose a sport that fits your child, not you

Most parents choose a sport for their children just because they are actually practicing it or because they like it. This is the wrong tactic, because the child may not possess the enthusiasm of the parents. Children want to have fun and do what you need to bring them great pleasure. If your child doesn’t feel happy and satisfied when playing soccer, then you have chosen the “wrong” sport. Try basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics or tennis.

2. Find out the reason for his penchant for a particular sport

Your child probably has an affinity to a particular sport, whether it’s basketball, football, volleyball or modern dance. Find out why he says he loves soccer. Is it because is a fun game, is it because that soccer becomes more popular among his friends, or is it because his idol is Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Whatever the reason is, you need to know and use it as motivation.

3. Boost his confidence

Children who do not practice any sport have low self-esteem when it comes to performing certain physical activities. Whatever the reason for low self-esteem is overweight or poor condition, your task is to contribute to its growth. Tell him that he can achieve everything he wants, but that that requires hard work. Tell him that his idol was once a little child, but that with hard work has turned into a top athlete. It will increase his confidence and will motivate him to start playing sports.

4. Teach him that winning is not everything

Some children after their first lost match start losing motivation and enthusiasm and develop apathy towards sports. If your child is one of them, teach him that winning is not everything. Tell him that despite the defeat he is a winner, because he gave his best and played great. The goal is to learn that it is not important to win as it is important to participate and work. This will teach them to accept defeats, so it can become an additional motive to train harder.

5. Turn sport into fun

How much slower is the sport of your children, the more they practice, and thus improves their performance. Discover the excitement that inspires them. If the child loves basketball because scoring, challenge him to play together and let him score many baskets. Thus will entertain him and he will further love basketball.

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6. You should be physically active too

If you want to motivate your child, surely it will not succeed if you spend all day in front of the TV. Build your positive attitude towards sport. If your child sees that you enjoy physical activity and you have fun doing it, it will increase his desire to participate.

7. Play sports together at home

Team sport with your child can be a great motivation for him. If you don’t have the opportunity to do that at home, go to the nearest park. Your child probably wants to spend more time with you, and you know the best way how to make sports more fun for him.

8. Engage your husband as well

If you have a son, your husband will find an easier way to motivate your child to fall in love with the sport. Invite your friends and organize small competitions. And fun will be doubled.

9. Watch together sports competitions or sports movies

Children can easily fall in love with a sport over movies. Often in films the hero achieves success with hard work, so it sends a positive message to your child. Monitoring of sport games can also serve as a great motivation.