Granny’s Instructive Story That Solves Love Dilemmas: Do Not Be a Coward And Do Not Love Cowards!


Recently on Facebook spread the story shared by Marina Rados, 26-year-old journalist, poet and writer. Because of the priceless message that there is no one can remain indifferent. It will reveal the majestic nature and ease of a love and you cannot, cannot help but wonder why today we complicate the simple and beautiful thing as love. And why there is less true love today?

My great aunt Zorka in the late fifties of the last century was fatally in love with a boy from a neighboring village. It was the over the hills type of love where you are ready to give up everything for it – leave tradition, customs, neighbors and relatives.

In conjuncture with the then unfortunate circumstances her loved one had to flee to Australia. He told her: “Zorka I am leaving, I will come back after you. Wait for me, do not marry, and do not give birth of children to another man.”

Zorka simply replied: “I will go with you!”

My great aunt told me this years ago, but accidentally I remembered it tonight and I remember how my last date was. I am 25 years old, I have cell phone, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp and all the other wonders of this modern century that allow me and my partner to make arrangement on the when, what and how. And we talk all day, where we should go, what we will do, what we will wear and all other pains that trouble the modern human in the world today. But that is not the point of this story.

Zorka was 17 years. She was simple country girl. She gathered the few things she had, went on foot to the town, than on the bus, than train and boat, traveling for three months. Without cell phone, without Viber. Without Facebook. Without precise agreement. She simply said that she would come, and he simply told her that he would wait for here there.

Illiterate. With simple clothes. Bus. Train. Boat and sea for over three months.

And then they were together almost 60 years.

He simply waited, and she just came for him.

Did such crazy love died? What is happening? What complicates our lives?

Why do we end up in a loveless marriage, and who complicates our lives?

Why do we end up in relationships where love is only required, in which we only try to fall in love with someone?

Why do we remain with those who trample us and cheat us? Why do we lie about our fertile and infertile days? Why do we make babies just to keep the boy / girl?

Why do we leave those we love because they are below us in the food chain?

Why do we humiliate those who loves us?

And the main issue, which these days and this particular night, I can’t get out of my mind:

Why today when we have a mobile phone, Viber, Facebook, car, money for bus fare, free movement and free weekends, we do not have the courage to go where we want? Why we do not have the courage to leave everything for love, and why we are never certain that love really awaits us?

I have no idea.

But I know that this world is an ugly place just because we often do not have the courage to say to someone: “Wait for me, I will come after you!” So we do not have the courage nor even to wait or to be waited.

I guarantee you, the world is a terrible place because people no longer have the courage for crazy love.

For long have I not seen my great aunt Zorka, but I well remember what she told me then at the end of the story:

“Dear, you are allowed in everything to be a coward, but not in love. Do not be a coward in love, and do not love a coward. “