Googling Your Symptoms Is Dangerous – Do Not Use Internet To Determine Your Illness

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Almost every person who has access to the Internet at least once tried to Google the symptoms of diseases. Consequently, that often ends with panic because search results in symptoms usually end up with the conclusion that you have an incurable disease.

Because of false diagnoses that most people give themselves after searching symptoms online, doctors have a few recommendation tips:

Never place diagnosis by yourselves

It can be very dangerous to set the diagnosis based on internet search. The search of the symptoms can take a long time, and it will only delay your visit to the doctor to get a proper diagnose. By self-diagnosing, you may be missing something that you cannot see.

Blog research

Just because someone has a popular blog that does not mean that he know what the symptoms really mean. Moreover, the first page or website that Google will show to you does not have to be the most accurate. Symptom search (like all medical information on Google) is intended for informational purposes only. That’s why you should always consult a doctor for medical advice.

Do not “prescribe” medications by yourself

One thing is to seek advice on healthy eating on the Internet. Other thing is completely different, and often very dangerous – implementation of some methods to treat a specific disease. Self-prescribing and prescribing for friends and family members can create legal and ethical issues for every physician, which are best avoided.


Ask doctor for your illness

It’s simple – information and reading blogs on the Internet will only further get your concerned about diseases. You can’t find the cure out there. For specific diagnosis and treatment you have to visit a doctor. Having a regular physician means having someone who knows the intricacies of your medical history and who will work with you to shape your healthy present and future.