How To Balance Work And Family


The modern business world is a fast track where we often forget about our most important aspect of life – family. Our life partner, our children, parents and siblings are often forgotten in the constant race for bigger pay check and better career opportunities.

Our best friends become friends from the past, just because our busy schedule.
This syndrome of distancing is very familiar with the psychologists and they called it syndrome of modern living. How can you find time for the people you care about, when you are in the fast and modern business world?

Make a list of your values and interests

Companies define their basic values, because they are a great frame for making all kinds of decisions.
It’s great if you try to apply this tactic. Anyone should know their main characteristics and their aspirations, as an individual and as a family.

Balance 1

Pick out your priorities

Is it more important to increase your sales when your child has a fever? Certainly not. Or if one of your parents is sick, slow down your pace and pay attention on those that need you the most. Make priorities – your business is one of them, but don’t forget what life is really about.

Balance 2

Don’t rush with your decisions

This week I will work 12 hours shifts – and you say that in front of your whole team. Don’t rush – think thoroughly and make action plan. Without control of your own thoughts everything is harder. Focus and get things done on time.

Balance 3

Work when your family members are asleep

This will save you time. You will get your things done and your family will rest. Then you can spend the rest of your day together. Don’t do this in the late night hours, but throughout the day, because is very important for you to be well rested also.

Balance 4

Use modern technology

With a lot of obligations at work, we often forget our obligations in the family – make reminders for family birthdays, important family gatherings or dinners. Don’t forget about your wedding anniversary. everyone of us has forgotten an important date or occasion, but the modern technology can help us now.