9 Reasons Why You Should Read More Books To Your Kids

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There is no child on Earth that doesn’t want to fall asleep with a story. But many parents are too busy with obligations and skip reading stories at bedtime. That allows kids to be more leisure and have fun watching TV, while their parents can complete some of the accumulated domestic chores.

However, no parent should skip reading. Here are the strongest reasons why you should regularly take the time to read books to your children:

1. Regular socializing with the book since young age lead to a lifelong love of writing

Introducing the books in the everyday life of your child shall inculcate reading habit that he will keep for life. It’s no secret that children copy their parents. You can not expect that the child will love the books if the child have never been around someone who reads books. Your behavior and habits are an example for the children, so make sure to “infect” them with reading.

2. Strengthens the bond “parent-child”

Reading is an intimate experience that makes stronger the indispensable link between parents and children. It is a true gift for busy parents who feel remorse because they did not spend enough time with their beloved ones. With reading a book before bed you dedicate yourself entirely to your dearest, without the distraction of things such as mobile phone or TV.

3. Enrich children’s vocabulary with new words

In the books there are words that we use in everyday speech, so they complement the poor vocabulary of the children. Whenever you encounter a word that you think is new to your child, stop reading and explain its meaning.

4. Grows the curiosity which leads to interesting questions and stimulate the desire for learning

How the children become more curious, the more they want to learn, and the magical world that books hide definitely awakens the imagination and the desire to enter deeper into things and discover something new. While reading, you will hear countless issues that are the result of the children’s mind. Most will sound funny, but by answering them, you expand the knowledge of your loved one.

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5. Children are more likely to pass through the stage of schooling with high grades and to grow into a successful person

Reading is the key link in the educational process and is the base for success. Studies show that children whose parents read to them regularly, achieve greater success at school. Anyway reading is not only an advantage in school days, but also helps to add success on professional plan. “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

6. It allows you to enlighten your child by example

Children may learn even from magic fairy tales. When they are small, learn to distinguish good from bad, and then get into the secrets of human relationships. Pointing out the characters of the books and their actions, you can start a discussion on a variety of topics and use them to transfer their important life lessons to your children.

7. Concentration is increasing and the child learns to listen while another person is talking

In order to get into the story, the child is highly focused and carefully listen to every spoken word. It improves his concentration. Moreover, while you read aloud, it teaches that he should keep quiet and listen while someone else speaks.

8. Develop creativity and the ability to remember

By struggling to understand the story, the children “store” much more data in the brain. If a story is read several times, you will notice that your child in time will learn the story by heart. Thus will improve child’s memory. At the same time, by entering the world that is created by the written word, your child awakens the imagination and becomes more creative.

9. Its the perfect way to absorb new accomplishments in a fun and relaxed atmosphere

Children are like “sponges” for new information because it’s fun. You can choose to read content of educational character, but the ones which are nevertheless tailored for the age of your loved ones. This will enable children to learn about the planet from their comfortable bed. When your child has mastered their native language, you can get to know them with a second language, reading light material from foreign literature.

Every day take at least 20 minutes to read, but do not stop this ritual when your child starts going to school. Experts advise to continue with reading in the first years of schooling. Once the child learns to read by itself, encourage them to read it to you or to read to his younger brother or sister.