8 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Italians


Italy is considered a beautiful country rich with culture, warm people, high fashion and tasty food. Who wouldn’t love to live there?! Italian lifestyle offers us many life wisdoms that every man should practice in their daily life. These are the 8 meaningful lesions we can learn from the noisy Italians…

  1. Always dress nice when in public

In other words, in the modern society there is no room for leggings and a messy bun. The Italian philosophy says that life is more beautiful when you look beautiful. Always choose quality over quantity when choosing clothes. Buy only the best pieces and take good care of them. Shoes are also very important. They should be modern, clean and practical. In other words – you can forget about the flops.

  1. Don’t drink wine to get drunk.

Wine is wonderful. But if you exaggerate with it, especially in public, you won’t leave the best impression about yourself. Even though you may be tempted to order a liter of cheap wine, in an Italian restaurant you better restrain from such action.

  1. Never leave your home with wet hair.

Also you should never walk barefoot and always dress accordingly when the weather is cooler. Otherwise you will get strong neck pain, which the Italians try to avoid by any means.

  1. The natural climate is our friend

Air-conditions are causing neck pains, which as we mentioned earlier are Italians biggest enemies. No matter hot is outside, Italians would always choose a fan over air-conditioner. Even better if you can go to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  Apart from that, you will hardly find ice cubes in Italy. Their drinks are served at room temperature.

  1. Pasta can’t make you fat

Overeating can. Unlike the Americans, the Italians are not afraid from carbs. They don’t avoid gluten and eat everything: pizza, pasta, white bread… But their meals are not over-sized and they eat slower. As a result, overweight people are very rare in Italy.

Italians 1

  1. Drinks are served in according glasses

And the food is served in according plates. Despite the occasional piece of pizza, the American concept of “food and coffee to go” simply doesn’t pass by Italians. Eating and drinking are special occasions in Italy and they are to be respected, and you can’t do that if you drink coffee from a paper or plastic cup.

  1. Salad is not a dinner

Neither is sandwich or god forbid a bowl of milk and cereals. Knowing that eating is a special occasion in the Italian culture, they insist on hot and big dinner made from three courses. Also, in Italy is rude if you wait for everybody to be served to start eating.  So feel free to start eating!

  1. Patience is a virtue

Italians are never in a hurry, whether is eating, building relationships or going to vacation. Their moto is firs take a breath, and then finish all your responsibilities. The Italians cannot understand the fast tempo in life. Sounds wonderful, you agree? Si!