8 Golden Rules For A Happy Family

Family 1

It is said that for happiness very little is needed, but research says that some families can’t accomplish that.


The family is the cornerstone of every man, and every one of us strive to realize themselves as a parent and spouse and sustain prosperity, peace and happiness within their family.
The following few rules could keep happiness in your home:

1. Happiness is being together

Like everything else in your life you want to accomplish, family life needs your presence and investment. You need to spend quality time with your family on a daily basis, because happiness means spending time with the people you love. So devote your attention to your loved ones.

2. Dining together

It is thought that the families, who gather for a meal together, are strongly linked. It is a time you spend with your loved ones, and it is of an exceptional importance.

3. Marriage comes first

Marriage must be an example of love. The stable relationship between spouses must be first. Sometimes that place is occupied by children, but the relationship between the spouses is of great importance, because usually when children get older they create their own families and leave the home.

4. Family is more important than friends

You need to organize family gatherings and games. Brothers and sisters have to play together rather than searching entertainment outside the home. They should of course have friends, but family comes first.

5. Children do not need too many extracurricular activities

Certainly children should have additional activities, but the overwhelming extracurricular activities will just keep children away from home. Ideally, you should practice common family activities like cycling, swimming or rollerblading.


6. There must be no squabbles in front of children

Children need stability to feel safe. Avoid quarrels and arguments before the children, and if any, try to explain them why the argument took place.

7. Habits are created over time

Habits, such as the weekly lunch are desirable and should be the practice of every family. Also it would be good to practice habits such as a movie night. It is necessary to have something that will connect and make you happy when you are together.

8. Good communication

This is perhaps the most important thing for a happy family. You should openly talk about everything. Children need to know they can always rely on you and that can and should tell you about all their problems and concerns.