5 Types Of Music That Increase Your Productivity


People use music in everyday life for various purposes, for relaxing at home, dancing with friends and alike. The music changes your mood and helps carry out many activities. Nearly everyone listens to music, because there are types designed for different tastes. You can listen to the radio while traveling to work, to dance to the music of an event, to listen to while walking and the like. But can music make you more productive? To give a concrete answer to this, we will consider what previous researches have showed.

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How music affects your work

Theresa Lesiuk works as an assistant professor at the University of Miami, in the program of music therapy. Part of its role includes research on the impact of music on job performance. According to her research, people who listen to music, generally end their tasks faster and are better at generating ideas than people who do not listen to music while working. But there is more. Other studies show that pop music interferes with processing information and understanding. For example, text can distract people who are trying to hear the words of the song. But generally speaking, music can help you become more productive, depending on what kind of music you are listening. Look at these 5 types that will increase your level of motivation and productivity.

1. Classical music

Consider Bach, Vivaldi or Handel, despite the large number of other classical composers. Classical music is not only good for relaxing with a glass of red wine after a hard working day. One study included an examination of the work of radiologists, which proved that after listening to Baroque music, 7 of 8 found that their level of sentiment increased and they were able to better focus on their work.

2. Music that imitates the sounds of nature

Imagine the sound produced when hiking in nature, walking along the sandy beaches, the sound of waves … People have reported that this kind of music not only calms their nerves, but her listening during work can improve the activity of the brain. But you should be aware that despite the soothing sounds such as flowing water, rainfall, etc., the opposite effect may have animal sounds or sounds of birds, which will distract you. If you opt for this kind of music, then you can find one that is accompanied by instruments such as piano or flute.

3. Epic music

Listening to this kind of music is a great way to motivate yourself while you work. It can empower your thoughts and make you feel like you are doing something important to change the world (even if it you are not). There is a reason why the movie trailers in the background often have this kind of music. Well worth a try, maybe this is your key to greater motivation.

4. Music from video games

Regardless of whether you want to play video games or not, this kind of music is a great thing, because these compositions are created specifically to be able to focus on tasks. Still, building a tower to defend against enemies in a video game requires music that will improve your ability to do it, right?

5. Ambient music

Ambient music is defined as a type of music that emphasizes the tone and atmosphere compared to traditional musical structures. If you are interested in it, try to listen to the music of Brian Eno, one of the pioneers of ambient music. For example, you can choose his Music for Airports, which is designed to relax and calm people waiting to get on a plane. Also, the music is suitable for those stressful moments in the office.

Select the kind of music that suits you best

Experiment and listen to different music. Some of them may be useful to increase energy levels, while another will be suitable only to turn away a little of your noisy colleagues. Whoever is your music choice, choose it carefully because it will help you achieve your goal and accomplish more than usual.