5 Things You Must Not Do After a Meal

Meal 1

After a meal everybody would like to take a break by watching a movie or series. But it is less known that that it is very harmful habit. These are a few things we must not do after a meal, because it can result in serious health complications.

1. Sleeping

Going to bed immediately after a meal may make difficulty of the body by gases, discomfort and poor sleep. Research from medical faculties have shown that people who wait longest until they fall asleep after a meal, have a minimum chance to get stroke or a heart attack.

2. Smoking

Unfortunately, many people still have this habit. Despite the fact that is generally harmful, it is even worse if you light one after a meal. Nicotine in cigarettes is linked with the excess oxygen required by the body for digestion and because of this nicotine during this process is absorbed much more in the body. Studies show that the damage from a lighting a cigarette after a meal is the same as 10 cigarettes smoked at once.


3. Showering

When we take а shower immediately after a meal, our body sends a greater amount of blood in the arms and legs, which reduces the amount of blood in the stomach, making it impossible for the body to absorb the necessary ingredients.

4. Fruit

You probably think that fruit can be eaten at any time. In fact, fruit is best consumed on an empty stomach. This is because the fruit requires special enzymes to break down and the simple sugars from the fruit need time to be fully absorbed into the bloodstream. If you eat fruit on a full stomach, it is unable to digest and the ingredients will not decompose.

5. Tea

If you drink tea after a meal, it will disable your body to absorb the necessary iron from food. Theine which is found in tea, binds with the protein and iron in our food. The absorption of iron is reduced by 87% and can result in anemia, pale skin, dizziness, cold hands and feet, brittle nails and decreased appetite.