5 Secrets Of Women Who Love Their Jobs

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Close your eyes and think about your current job. Are you happy? Sad? Upset? We’ve all gone through good and bad days at work, but if you notice that you are constantly under stress or feel unhappy, it’s time to change something. People in their twenties are significantly less satisfied and slower than their older counterparts.

These are the five secrets of women who love their job and start their duties every day with a smile.

1. Act like you are new at work

Learning and getting to know new things is one of the things that motivate the most. So try to find something new for which you have not known much to improve your skills. Then start working as the first time you enter the office. If you are new, then you would certainly like getting know as many colleagues, so turn around and try to start a conversation with a new person. When you finish your job and return at home, you will notice that you are happier and more excited like you were in some new working environment.

2. Do something you love in your free time

Besides the fact that you spend most of your time at work, try doing activities that you love for at least one or two hours per week. Whether it comes to playing the guitar, walking or watching movies, it is important to make a balance between work and personal commitments.

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3. Adjust your job to your preferences

Make a pleasant environment for yourself, by changing the way you work. For example, if don’t you want to send or reply to e-mails, find a way that will shorten the laborious work. Then, change the way you interact with colleagues. You will see that the approach will create new and better atmosphere. Finally, find the purpose of your work. And in those days where everything is against you, remember that you are there for some reason and it will be easier to finish what you have started.

4. Learn how to subtly say “No”

Surely you are familiar with the situation in which because you fear to hurt someone, you accept all of his work and you end up tired and frustrated. So learn how to say “no” on a “kindest” way. For example: “It’s really a great opportunity and I would like to, but I’m very busy with Project X”.

5. Ask yourself “What else is missing”

Ask yourself what can make you happier at work. Is it a new project, or the better environment? Suggest an idea to your boss that will advance the work they perform, and that will improve your mood.