4 Sure Signs That You Are Threatened By Denial

Denial - featured

Some people are working their dream job and they were unstoppable to reach the position. But, in this world ruled by harsh and sometimes unfair competitors and bosses, the pressure to keep working is huge.

Here are the situations that threatens your denial, according to these 4 almost unmistakable signals:

1. Your boss demands everything on paper or by email

Communication used to be carried out in several ways, and lately the bosses insists the communications to take place only by official and exclusively on paper. You’re noticing that there are always a few people mentioned in emails that closely follow your communication. Generally, bosses carefully follows you in order to “catch” your slightest mistake which would give grounds for denial decision.

2. Your boss does not include you in the projects or disposing you

You were part of the team for a particular project and suddenly you received a notification that you are no longer part of the implementation of the same. Nobody includes you in any of the next projects. This is a clear sign that the company is slowly preparing for your departure. Obtain explanations with positive and constructive access why this happens and how you can improve unwanted situation.


3. Your assessment is rather unsatisfactory

Estimates or reports that are submitted by your superiors are drastically different than several years ago. What has changed? Almost no one has praised your work, nor any recommendations for improvement. This is more than a clear signal that your presence becomes superfluous and will soon be replaced.

4. Colleagues behave strangely and silently beside you

You enter the room and suddenly the conversation fades. Do you sense or feel that colleagues are avoiding you? That they feel uncomfortable in your vicinity? And even they omit you from the gatherings, no matter social or official? It is possible that some of them have feel your denial or know more information about that and do not want to create unpleasant and conflict situations.