18 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself

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Next time when you feel stressed out or think that you are fed up with the “grown up” life, take a deep breathe and try to be in good mood using the tips below that can make you fall in love with yourself. Boring projects from work can wait after taking shower or having a massage…

1. Buy fresh flowers

You do not want your desk to be boring and impersonal.

2. Watch your favorite movie with a big bowl of popcorn and a glass of red wine
3. Or better yet, select a sad movie and burst into tears
4. Light the candles and fill the bathtub

Do not be cheap with the soaps and oils!

5. Or even better, choose a long shower which will include a hair mask, peeling the entire body and shaving the legs

But only if you really love it…

6. Then, imagine that you are Rapunzel and brush your hair slowly and thoroughly

Plus, treat yourself with a scalp massage.

7. Rather than focusing on things that you need to do, write a list of your accomplishments
8. Treat yourself with a massage

You might want to add a facial?

9. Cancel all unnecessary plans

For example, a drink with that one mate you don’t like for sure.

10. Hangout with your pet all day long

There is no better way to calm yourself.

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11. Take a break from social networks

You will not miss much!

12. Watch all episodes of your favorite TV series

Or start a new one.

13. Wrap in a blanket and read your favorite book

Get lost in its pages and even for a moment forget about monotonous routine.

14. Eat something that reminds you of your childhood or college days
15. Go for a walk in your neighborhood

Without any time limit or a task to perform.

16. Go to a nearby park and admire the beautiful nature around you
17. Listen to music that makes you happy, more often
18. Dance at home or jump around like nobody is watching you

At least once per day!