10 Mistakes In Relations With Colleagues You Must Not Make

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Every office is a unique blend of people of different ages, with specific characters that constantly communicate, targeting the same goal. Each individual of that team brings its own unique views and ideas, with their help they forge special relationships with their colleagues.


Successful connection to your colleagues is far different and more difficult than creating friendships. In the business world, mistakes in interpersonal relationships do not go unpunished. If you do not want to be the lonely person in the office, the topic of everyday gossip or the person with the lowest reputation, here are that crucial mistakes that you should avoid in relations with colleagues:

1. Don’t bring your domestic problems in the workplace

Surely you’ve met one of those people who when they quarreled at home, hate the entire world. They enter the office with gathered brows, forgetting to say “Good Morning”, they spread negative energy, and sometimes you are the “victim” on which they pour their frustrations. Do not let your image in the eyes of your colleagues to be exactly like this. Most people do not want to bring their work home, so you shouldn’t bring domestic issues to the workplace.

2. Blaming a colleague for your mistakes

It is true that whenever we made a mistake, instinct tells us to save ourselves and blame someone else. But that not only do not solves the problem, but also leaves your reputation hanging by a thread. Building good working relationships is a key element in creating a successful career, and it’s not a good idea to play the game of unfounded accusations.

3. You take credit for the work of colleagues

Teamwork does not mean to share only bad but also good moments. In business no one wants team full of selfish people. So instead of stealing other people’s labor, compliment colleagues who did their best to complete a project. Praises as “Today you outdid yourself” or “Beautiful presentation” contribute not only colleagues to feel good but also to have a high opinion of you. Thus you will earn their respect.

4. Making promises you cannot fulfill

Most of the people from the first day set the goal to impress the boss. They promise too much, and rarely fulfill that promise. Do not let yourself be like them, because unfulfilled promises ruins the professional image you build for yourself

5. You gossip your colleagues or boss behind their back

The golden rule for any professional is to stay away from gossip in the workplace, although it is almost impossible. Who can resist the temptation to overheard the juicy gossip? But if you listen, that does not automatically means that you need to open your mouth. Gossiping at work is unprofessional, so if you have a problem with any of your “roommates” in the office, settle it face to face.

6. Entering in too close relations with colleagues and giving them too much personal information

Maybe it happened to you to regret sharing something from your private life with “close” colleague because it “accidentally” became a topic of gossip. Workplace is a contest between competitors who would use every weapon to win. The things that you eagerly share with your friends are for them, not for the office. Why you need to ruin your image because you dirty little indiscretion?

7. You ease up

The fact that you have the longest work experience doesn’t entitle you to act like a boss. Even if you have a better position, you shouldn’t treat others as subordinates. Don’t order your colleagues to boil your coffee, bring you water, buy you a sandwich, because by doing so you only earn the hatred of your colleagues, and not their respect for you. If you really are not able to do something by yourself, ask politely.

8. You isolate yourself from the colleagues and you are alone against the world

If your interaction with colleagues amounts to “Hello” and “Goodbye,” then you are among the “sinners” in the office. Interpersonal communication is the key to connecting with colleagues professionally. The more you build better relationships with colleagues, the more they will appreciate your opinion, will accept your views and be friendlier to you.

9. You lie

Good reputation is built only through sincerity, and it is a long and painstaking process. On the other hand, it requires only a small lie to crash it. Yes, the company you work certainly does not use lie detector, but we all know that the truth always comes through. Although sometimes the truth can hit you in the face, a lie always beats harder and has the power to destroy your image.

10. You don’t respect the requests / demands of colleagues addressed to you

People want to be heard and respected, especially in the workplace. If people, who share the office with you, politely ask you not to repeat certain thing, there is no need to be rude and to refuse. You cannot expect to have harmonious relationships with colleagues if you constantly turn on the air conditioner, although you were asked to turn it off occasionally. Respond to their requests so you can ask for anything in return. The key to good communication is compromise.