10 Habits That You Should “steal” From Successful People


Are you dreaming of bright and successful future? Fulfilled goals, proud faces, good paycheck – every ambitious person wishes to call himself successful one day. But the success doesn’t comes by accident. There is no magic formula that will take you to the top. Only adopting good habits and fostering determination, perseverance and discipline will bring you there.

So, what can you learn from people that accomplished so much in life?

This is what they do…

1. They don’t chase the paycheck, they chase happiness.

Money are never enough, we always want more. Chasing higher paycheck is a quest that never ends, a goal that will never be fulfilled and success that will never be accomplished. At some point you should tell yourself “I have enough” so you can focus on what is really important to you – yourself, your own happiness and everything that you have beside you.

2. They know how to say no.

It is better to say no if you can’t fulfill a task, than to say yes and to fail to complete it. Successful people know that and they apply it. They are not afraid to say no to the unreasonable requests from people that don’t know when is enough.

3. They focus to be productive.

The quote “work smarter, not harder” is not just a cliche. Successful people don’t go to work, just to work, but to be most productive with their time. Focus is of key essence.

4. They don’t compare them self with others and they don’t envy their success.

Instead, they focus on completing their own goals. Successful people know that every person is different with its own path.

5. They often make sacrifices.

The road to success is not covered with roses. Ambitious people often sacrifice their own interests or the things they love in order to have time to follow their goals.

6. They learn from other people’s mistakes before making their own.



7. They see failure as part of their road to success.

Every man at certain point of life faces failure, but some of them back down, and successful people keep trying. They learn from their mistakes so that they don’t repeat them in the future.

8. They balance personal and professional life.

You can’t consider yourself successful if you work all the time, neglecting your family. Successful people constantly make adjustments in order to bring balance between different areas in life.

9. They learn from what they used to be and focus on what they want to become.
10. They don’t leave their tasks unfinished.

“What is not written, will not be completed.” – successful people write down their goals in detail and they always fulfill them. Get rid of the long-term goals and set daily tasks that you can fulfill.