10 Features That We Inherited From Our Parents Trough Genes


Do you have brown eyes like your mom or dad? The color of the eyes is genetically inherited.
That is the case with several others genes and genetic features. Here are some of them:

1. High levels of cholesterol in the blood

Many people believe that high levels of cholesterol are the result of what you eat, but sometimes they are connected with the genes. 1 out of 500 people have higher levels of cholesterol as a result of genetic mutation that leads to accumulation of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

2. Baldness

One of the genes that plays part in answering the question will you be bald or not is located in the X chromosome that men inherit from their mothers.


3. Academic success

55% of the educational success is thanks to the genes, especially those from your mother.

4. Coffee addiction

Scientist made a comparative research which reveals that certain genes absorb coffee much slower than others. That means that certain people have smaller need for caffeine from the rest of us.

5. Early diabetes

Diabetes type 2 commonly is found among elderly people, but sometimes we see children with this disease as a result of genetic mutation.

6. Color blindness

The inability to distinguish colors often is a result of the genes. It is common that these genes are transferred from the mothers with the x chromosome.

7. Lactose intolerance

65% from the adult people in the world are lactose intolerant. That is a result of the genes that secrete fewer enzymes that can decompose lactose when you get older.

8. Ability to drive car

Not anyone has the ability to drive a car, and that is thanks to our genes. In fact, this comes from the ability to orientate, speed of reaction, memory and the ability to avoid accidents.


9. Nearsightedness

The possibility that certain individual will develop nearsightedness is genetic. There are at least 50% chances that if one of the parents was nearsighted, the child will have the same condition too.

10. Popularity

Maybe sounds impossible, but the popularity is also a hereditary feature. It comes as a result of the transfer of information. Those who had the information about location of food or danger in the environment, transferred those information genetically to their offspring.
Their offspring is considered popular nowadays.